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The Seed Fed To Grow - Climate Wave Australia

At this 4-day yoga festival we were able to divert 98% of waste from landfill

We cannot ignore that our concept was build in Australia, and what a place to do it! While in Australia, Simon joined Greg Howell, from Climate Wave Entreprises, let's call him a veteran in Sustainable Event Management owning his firm for over a decade. Starting to refine the work on a few smaller events in 2016, the big bang came in 2017 by being able to fully go Zero Waste at Wanderlust Sunshine Coast (3500 visitors) and a great challenge at The Big Pineapple Festival (14000 visitors).

Greg with Climate Wave, really planted the seed for SEAVENTS, we only had to feed it, to let it grow! Thanks Climate Wave Entreprises, you're the best!

Doubt Climate Wave's expertise? Have a look at this extensive list!

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