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We have shown to be able to make things move at events, but we are able to bring responsibility into your own projects also!

SEAVENTS will support you, and your initiative to be produced responsibly!

Hit the button, and schedule a call!

Cigarette butt solutions

Discarded cigarette butts are the most widespread man-made (plastic) pollutant.


STUB - Pocket Astray is SEAVENTS' solution to reduce cigarette butts on the ground to a bare minimum.

One littered cigarette filter will contaminate over 8 liters of water, and it takes up to 500 liters of water to dissolve all toxins harmful to us and the environment.

Composting Machine

We rent our composting machine to events, including guidance, visitor education and more.

The composting machine will transform waste into compost within 24hrs.

There is no reason why society is still using single use plastics for food & beverage. The alternatives are there, and we can turn them into soil.

Resource Management

SEAVENTS supports your business, event or project in diverting as much waste as possible from incineration. Together we will make a plan to transform waste into resource.

From facilitating a circular foodcourt to active resource recovery by sorting out waste, in all our concepts we like to emphasize on visibility and education. 

We put our ideas to the test at festivals, because they are the perfect testing ground. We can then apply our experiences onto society, businesses or other projects.

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