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Organic flowers for the 4th of May

Did you follow our instagram (@seavents)? Did you check out this new page that says "bloemen voor 4 mei". You must be wondering what is happening with us, we're all about flowers and logistics these days!

Well let us explain, due to the current Covid-19 battle we are fighting all over the world. We started a small pilot, to not let our heads hang and keep contributing to our mission: turning waste into love.

Our efforts were soon noticed by Tikkie, an innovative company that allows people to easily pay back any costs. They wanted to partner, to go big! Funny enough, that the national comittee of the Netherlands, that is in charge of 4th of May memorial day "herdenkingsdag" and 5th of May celebrations for freedom "bevrijdingsdag", was looking for a partner also.

And there the magic happened, the national comittee wanted to put 75 war memorial monuments in the Netherlands in flowers, tikkie wanted to help to crowdfund the initiative, and we have the skills to put that dream to life, in a responsible manner!



We scanned the Netherlands for the most responsible flower farmer, that could deliver between 100 and 500 K pieces of flowers. The perfect match was found with farmer Frank & Boy that run EkoFlora. Fully organic produce, and really conscious entrepreneurs that even found ways to turn their tulip bulbs into tea's and.. wodka!


The logistics were tight. Planning the shortest routes, with the lowest emitting vehicles. And, the installment of a improvised distribution centre with the help of B-Amsterdam (THANKS GUYS!!), where we receive all the bulk flowers to transmit to our 6 mover vans.


All Co2 produced will be offset through The Seaweed Farmers project, look them up! They are great, and seaweed has so many benefits for the marine environment, water quality and emmisions.


We are also taking care of the end of life of the organic tulips. They will be taken care of by local volunteers that are in the outer corners of the Netherlands. And all the others are again collected by our driver team, and later composted to nourish our lovely dutch soils!

Pretty sweet huh?!

If you have a project coming in the future, and you need a hand, let us know!

Thanks everyone for supporting us!

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