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Take a piece of festival home with you!

Dear Recipient of our SEAVENTS Compost,

A festival held in nature requires measurements to preserve and give back to nature. That's why our composting machine has transformed all your coffee cups, disposable tableware and food scraps into high quality compost within 24 hours.   

Upon receival, the bacteria culture in the compost is still active. The compost needs to rest for two weeks before using. 

You can use this compost in your home and garden as nutrient for all your OUTSIDE plants, herbs, vegetable plants or even your grass lawn. Mix the containment of this bag with 5 parts of soil for an ideal result. 

SEAVENTS limits the amount of waste produced at festivals by transforming waste into useful resource and by implementing reusable items like hard cups which hold a deposit.  

We guide festivals with transitioning towards a fully circular flow of all materials on the festival terrain. In this way we limit our impact on the local ecosystem, prevent the incineration of useful materials and promote care for the environment.  

Good luck with your Festival Compost!!

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