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2022, surprisingly epic

When there is too little time to update the blog section, you know you’ve been overwhelmed. Early 2022, we were still in the fog if we were getting a season or not, can you imagine that today? But when events were back on, requests for support went absolutely through the roof! Here’s some impact stories of our favorite events.


At DGTL we served our biggest event yet with our full package: Resource coordination festival wide plus management of the recycle station recovering all that we could with an epic team of volunteers. DGTL is special as it will be the most circular festival worldwide, a true testing ground. This time without any bins present in the public arena. Just check out the amount of plastics, bottles and cans we recovered.


After making plans with Chasing The Hihat for almost 3 years we were finally able to get our hands dirty at De Tuinen van West and Ruigoord. With the help of the caterers, we facilitated a monoflow of biodegradable materials in the food courts which we hand sorted with an epic team of volunteers. We conducted a study analyzing and documenting the exact content of the bins on the festival terrain, which gives us great insight on improvements for 2023. Next to that we sorted out all the materials which were intercepted by security at the entrance of the festival. This left us with a huge bag of deodorant cans that we donated to the salvation army.

Waste fractions from entrance resources (L) and fractions from food court (R)


If you say beach, waves, island vibes and good tunes you say MadNes festival. We had settled with the boys from MadNes back in 2019 and finally we supported them this year. First challenge, getting our composting machine up north, on the ferry and onto the beach. As all caterers followed our guidelines nicely, we’ve been composting like crazy. Halving the normal amount of waste coming from the festival! We also supplied every smoker with a pocket ashtray, did you find any butts?


At the world's most famous Drum and Bass festival, we rolled out our newest concept: Clean Camping. Our goal was to motivate campsite guests to come recycle their waste and set a culture that leaving the campsite clean is rather rule than an exception. You can always count on the Liquicity Crew, on departure day there was literally a line to come and bounce at our recycle station and sort some trash. The best part, all collected funds from deposit went to support charity in Uganda, and all donated camping gear went to refugees in Calais.

Picking up high value resources from campers


How proud we were to support the iconic Dekmantel team at Lente Kabinet and Dekmantel Festival with our full package. Resource coordination, Recycle station handling and Dirty butts, focussing on the largest resource streams, the organic stream and the reduction of the smallest: cigarette butts. What made it super special is that we could rely on you, our SEAVENTS CREW! We increased our database to over one-hundred enthusiasts and absolutely nailed it with that help. Who ever thought getting your hands dirty is fun?


To close the season, we came back to our foundation, our roots: Surfana Festival! But also with a new concept, as zero waste coaches to the organisation. We were super happy to coach the wonderful Maya into a Resource Coordinator. Super brave for the organisation to take proper resource management into their own hands, ofcourse we were there to manage our compositing machine and… the party!

Did you take some compost home?

Credits: Maarten Zwetsloot

Special shout out needs to go to our SEAVENTS CREW, our dedicated volunteers, Green Teamers and Coordinators, you are the best! We were also super happy to collaborate with Kees from No Waste Chair. The wonderful people at Chasing the Hihat, Dekmantel, Apenkooi, Wonderfeel, Zeezout, The Shore, Green Events and the list goes on.

Overwhelmingly great it was, now here we go season 2023 sign up as SEAVENTS CREW below or enquire for our support to turn your party waste free!

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