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Composting figures

In the Netherlands, the way we collect waste can differ per municipality. In Amsterdam for instance, all waste is collected in the same containers. Seperating it for reclycling can be done on own initiative. Different collecting points are spread throughout the city. In the Haarlemmermeer for instance, vegatable, fruit and garden waste are collected seperately by the local government. Plastics, glass and paper waste are collected in seperate containers, but are not collected by the local government but require being dropped off by residents (this is the same in all of the Netherlands). This system of collecting waste puts the responsibility mainly in the hands of the people. It turns out the Dutch are pretty responsible though, as we score above average in recycling compared to other European countries. Just take a look at following image to see how your country is doing compared to other European countries.

(Eurostat, 2014)

The moral of this story? We have to take responsibility when it comes to seperating waste and changing our habbits. Overall, we are doing pretty well, but there is always room for improvement.

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