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We turn waste into love

You know how we turn waste into resource, right? Well this time we thought to go beyond resource, and turn waste into love!

In the midst of the corona crisis, we hear many stories of industries suffering, these might become the toughest times we have seen so far in our lifetime. Though, we try to stay positive and find opportunities to contribute. Mid march we heard about initiatives in the Netherlands that were aiming to save flowers, to save the industry from collapsing. Flowers were being dumped from farms directly, and at the flower stocks in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, by the tons!

That monday, after seeing al that happen, we thought. There is pieces of potential love, being thrown away, while in these times there is so many in need. How can we get a bulk of flowers, to care centers directly, with a lovely message?

Well in life, you can only try. So good old Jeroen, put himself in front of the camera in het bedroom, and asked for people to send a kind message and pay a 4,50 tikkie donation. By Friday, only 4 days later, we were delivering 200 of the beautiful Orchidee. YEW!

The lucky ones, where 2 living groups of 24 elderly with dementia. 48 residents half somatic and half suffering dementia. And a revalidation centre, that took 26 corona patients out of urgency and another 40-50 elderly that were in revalidation. Because of massive support we were even able to provide staff, with your flowers and lovely messages!!

Tastes, like a lot more! New flower project, coming up very very soon.

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