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SEAVENTS receives start-up grant after Booking Cares Labs

What a way to start-up :) credits: Floris Heuer

This day marked a milestone for SEAVENTS and our journey to promote care for the environment! We are passionate, creative and proactive surf rats who have come together with a joint vision to connect our forces, co-create and bring to life a progressive concept to save our planet and make sustainability FUN and EASY!

Our 3 days of intense and hard work under the guidance of booking's experts prepared us for the final pitch event where we were given the opportunity to pitch our concept to 4 judges along with 9 other innovators, to promote and create positive change in sustainable tourism, tourist dispersal and waste management, for a chance to be granted funding to assist us in bringing our concepts to further life and to create change and impact!

We have full belief in this, and we're so grateful the judges received our pitch with enthusiasm and they generously chose to fund us to become an officially registered company and kick start our ideas!

Now we can start making change, educating and preserving our Mother Earth and make it fun for you! FOLLOW our journey and join the movement ❤️ A BIG thanks to Booking, City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam marketing, Booking Cares Lab and a very special thank you to our amazing mentor!

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