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Composting experts

So as you might know, we have been working at last year's Surfana festival with a composting machine. This machine can turn organic waste into a useful soil. To prepare ourselves for the upcoming festival season, Jeroen joined a course that taught him all about this fine piece of machinery.

The course took place in the hospital of Drachten and was led by Ecocreation. The hospital uses the machine for its own waste recycling. Staff of camping Stortemelk and Yoeri of Lab Vlieland also attended the course, as they will also be using a similar machine.

We are now totally ready to rock and roll this summer. This machine will help us make festivals more sustainable. We now have all the knowledge to make this happen. Our goals for this summer will be to:

- Make festivals cleaner and tidier

- Decrease festival's ecological footprints

- Inspire and motivate festival attendees

- Involve local communities as volunteers

To achieve these goals, we will try to reduce the amount of waste, ban single use plastics and collect waste in separate flows. This will give us the opportunity to recycle the waste and eliminate residual waste as much as possible.

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